Hoggy, A River Skiff

This is a poetic story about the life a Hog Island Skiff, a water craft that is claimed to be unbreakable…unless it falls into the wrong hands. From this point forward, the Hog Island Skiff will be referred to as “Hoggy”.


Hoggy wanted to be a sailor
Hoggy lived on a trailer.
One day Hoggy was playing on the river
When it was time to go, he began to shiver.
A long day on the river made his owner spent
Up and down the mountain roads he went.
Around a turn and up a hill
Hoggy hung on for dear life with all of his will.

Was his owner really spent or flat out bent?
Hoggy would never come to know.
Cause out of no where he suffered a life altering blow.
When the trailer hit a bump in the road,
Hoggy went a bouncing like a rabid toad.
He slammed into a rocks and tree,
All because his owner left is nose free.

For months he sat on trailer in a ditch,
His new life was such a bitch.
He recounted his glory days of his life, long past
wanting badly to have his owner make one more cast.
Floating the river was his only crave,
but this rusty hunk of metal was now his grave.

One day Hoggy was adopted by a short man with greasy hands
and was put inside a warm shop on top of metal stands.
The little man worked day and night
yes he did, work with all his little man might.
He drilled and he welded and even hammered
You would have thought the little man was enamored.
He gave Hoggy a warm, pressurized shower
How he worked on Hoggy with all of his power

Today, Hoggy is the talk of the town
He sits in the show room like a king with a crown
People come from miles and miles
Leaving Hoggy with nothing but smiles
When the little man leaves for the night
He looks at Hoggy, oh what a sight
A poor boat with a painful history
What his future holds is but a mystery.



Wes Hodges Fly Fishing

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