The Fork in The Road

I believe that we all come to a point in our lives where we must make a choice. Im not speaking about what tie to wear with your already hideous suit. I’m speaking about the kind of choices where people will question your f’n sanity. Choices where you throw every card on the table and say the hell with it all. I call these critical points defining moments. It is in these moments, the crossroads of life, that we define who we are as an individual or as a collective group. History has proven, and society continues to remind us, that in these moments of doubt and uncertainty utter defeat waits patiently to meet those brave and ambitious souls. What we fail, or refuse to accept, is that absolute greatness is also born ….I guess what I am saying is choose wisely and vote Wesley Hodges for POTUS.  Otherwise, we are all F’D because any candidate you choose will be a detriment.

Soaking up the Maine sun.
Soaking up the Maine sun.

I woke up this morning in a panic. It sounded like a helicopter had taken off outside my window. I jumped out of bed only to find Cooper staring at a Ruffed Grouse in flight…then back at me…then back at a deer.  My adrenaline receded as I reminded myself that I was in the quaint town of Grand Lake Stream, Maine. A town where waders can be worn to dinner and canoes are brought to Sunday church. A town where guides and local inhabitants casually stroll up to the lodge deck to have a beer and say hello as the sun sets. Bird dogs run free and are returned to their owners for “feeding time”.  The rules in town are solidified by respect for each other, the fishing clients, and fish. This is Grand Lake Stream and I am consumed.

I think this is the most badass picture I have ever take.  Ed, Cleve, and Guide fishing into the Maine Sunset.
I think this is the most badass picture I have ever take. Ed, Cleve, and Guide fishing into the Maine Sunset.

I sat on the deck of my cabin and heard wading boot’s scratch along the pavement as two elderly gentleman raced each other to get to the near-by river. At that moment, Cooper licked my face and smacked me in the face 100 times with his rapidly wagging tail. “Go on” I commanded him. He ran down to greet the old men.  I watched as they rubbed his head and chest. He looked back at me, wagged his tail, and jumped into the river with the old men….. I gave him no follow on commands.

Three days ago I left everything behind and moved to Maine. I am currently working at Weatherbys Sporting Camps in Grand Lake Stream, Maine.  I chose wisely. Unless I shoot a Moose and end up on that TV show about Maine Game Wardens….

So long Virginia

Wes Hodges Fly Fishing

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