Modern Day Nomads….

It feels like I am loosing hours each day.  Time is flying by and I cant seem to keep up. I have not been fishing as much as I would prefer but my time is coming soon. Weather continues to be an issue. We had three straight weeks of mind blowing wind, two weeks of “little bitty” rain and “big ol’ fat” rain, and a few snap cold fronts. However, the weather seems to have settled and the fishing is picking up. The Dogwood trees are blooming, which marks the beginning of spawning season and the evidence of bug hatches can be seen on my truck. My good friend Chris continues to show me up on New River smallies and my new water whip is running like a champ. The fish in the picture below was a one cast wonder, which Chris called before he made the cast.  A good friend and I burnt rubber towards Kentucky to turkey hunt with some truly genuine, top-grade gentlemen who donate their time and efforts to Veterans. To Robert Bartlett and the “Kentucky Boys”, who want no recognition or reward, you are the epitome of kindness and you are the definition of genuine. Thank you for what you are doing for America’s Veterans. If only everyone would attempt to emulate you guys….we probably wouldn’t be in this political bucket of shit that we have to hear about every waking moment of each and every day.


Wes Hodges Fly Fishing

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