El Tiempo De Aburrimiento

Once duck season closes, a sigh of relief sets in for about two weeks. I catch up on laundry, get ahead on bills, and consistently sleep more than 4 hours. I unleash the reigns on Cooper and let him do whatever the hell he wants…he has earned it. The days of eating peanut-butter crackers and 711 coffee are over. I clean my shotguns, unpack my bags, stow my decoys, and relax. For this short period, fishing and hunting are tucked into a deep quadrant within my brain. Oddly enough, I enjoy it..almost need it…. Then I wake up, reality sets in, and I realize that I will have nothing to do until the Spring thaw. I stare at my dusty fly-rods, give my clean, organized fly-tying desk a once over, and realize that boredom will shortly follow…Shit!

The look of a bored dog.
The look of a bored dog.

Normally, the time from February and into March sucks. Its to damn cold to fish. Legally, no one is permitted to hunt for anything and it contains Valentines Day. Worthless time and worthless holiday.  Like an actor without a stage, I feel lifeless.

However, this year has been different. We have been blessed with an abnormally warm start to the year. We have seen weeks where the air temperatures are creeping into the mid-70’s with water temperatures hitting around 45-50 degrees…a magic number for anglers. So, Cooper and I have had an early start.  I have been aggressively working at the vise to ensure that my fly boxes will be full for this years fishing season. Cooper is back in training, learning some new tactics so that he can enhance his retrieving skills and keep his body lean for the likely possibility of his first relationship. Things are looking good for us.  We are heading to a new river tomorrow to try out our luck at some pre-spawn Smallies. Also, we plan on heading to the Great Lakes during the first week in May. Stay tuned….

Nap time while pond hopping for Largemouth Bass.
Nap time while pond hopping for Largemouth Bass.
This picture sums up my life.

Wes Hodges Fly Fishing

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